Based on the experience of the past years, ASP tries to solve the problems of film production today and tomorrow with the most effective technologies and techniques.

We often find that the work processes that arise during production do not receive the appropriate professional support in terms of the provided tools, and here we are primarily thinking of information technology processing. According to our experience, there are as many countries and areas within the industry as there are unique and case-by-case solutions to work with, whether it’s budget negotiation or scheduling as two basic production tasks. But for us, this also includes the efficiency of on-site IT, in which the market-leading manufacturers deliver most solutions individually, but cooperation and coherence between the areas is not always experienced.

For the above reasons, we try to use forward-looking solutions in ASP. Therefore, with professional support and a proper interpretation of the film production process, we have tried to support a project focusing on the right direction and the right area in recent years. According to the feedback, our cooperation greatly helped the specification and the professional implementation during the development.

Unfortunately, we were not able to follow the status of the project closely after the creation of the first versions, because the raging COVID-19 epidemic in 2020-2021 made it very difficult to keep the film production on its feet, so we had to group our resources differently. But we look back on our cooperation in the project with pride and look forward to further opportunities for market cooperation.

We can present the data of our professionally supported project and the effectiveness of our cooperation with the following publications. For more information, please feel free to contact the project manager, Certamen Kft.

Manager for this project: Certamen Ltd.
Application ID: GINOP-2.1.7-15-2016-01222
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Professional publication material concerning their results: available here
The professional presentation was shown in the following conference program: Conference link, speaker: Bálint Sipka, lecture material